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There is poison in the air tonight

There is sand that feels quick

And it’s falling like rain

A new dust that covers me

Not yellow, but toxic

There is poison in the air with the sweet scent of rain

There is the purest breath I have ever taken

From cars that don’t drive and

Pills that aren’t swallowed

And salty skin that is covered in dew

I am one day away from my hibernating body

Jogging on empty streets

Music screaming at me

Trying to pace my breathing

For fear of inhaling

There is poison in the air

There is poison

on city streets

On handles

On footsteps

On lips and on tongues

There is poison in the air

There are cats and dogs raining

There is the fresh bloom of spring

There are clear waters

With dolphins

Where there had never been

My earth finds its healing

In my lonely slow kill

And it’s torment

That it owed me

That it needed

Poison in the air

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